Nathan Rumsey

Nathan Rumsey

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First Name * Nathan
Last Name * Rumsey
Username * GenVizer
Country * USA
City Orlando
Nationality white
Languages English





I am always learning new systems and software, able to make quality, usable game assets looking to become a game veteran the type that glues myself to the computer for days churning out content and taking orders. I can take sketches and concept art and translate them to 3D accurately. I understand meshes and can make any item fit within a target polycount. whether it is low poly or higher poly, I can keep the edge loops in places that will ensure that animators will be pleased. I can lay out UVW coordinates in a logical, dense, and artist-friendly way, assets such as decore and props for levels.
Environmental assets are my favorite.
I have a sense for how much time to put into a particular assignment. I wont get
carried away ensuring that the underside of a dumpster gets as much attention as the sides. I am good at budgeting my time to ensure that what matters gets the attention and deadlines are hit with the best balance of quality and quantity
i look forward to being a soldiier in the armie of game development
I get 3D. I get game-quality 3D. I can learn quickly and of course your company has
its own development pipeline. I'll quickly learn it and integrate into your team
and get up and productive before you know it
I'm not yet a master of all aspects of 3D, but I would like to start with building 3D